Many times couples wait too long to seek help for their broken relationships. But when trust has been broken repeatedly does couples counseling work? Call a counseling professional well before the small fire becomes a raging inferno. Look for these key signs that you need help.

Resentment Poisons the Relationship

Maybe he forgot her birthday. Maybe she prefers getting coffee with her girlfriends instead of hearing him complain about work. Maybe childcare isn’t balanced, sex life is nonexistent, and trust has been broken so many times that now both partners just move on a parallel track, rarely interacting in a positive way. Small slights can build into massive mountains of resentment when not addressed early in the process. Does couples counseling work? A licensed therapist can help pinpoint issues in the relationships and help mediate positive solutions to save your relationship before the damage is irreparable. If resentment is building, call us today.

Past Wrongs Are Brought Up During Arguments

Maybe one partner had an affair five years ago or maybe a partner brought the family to bankruptcy because of poor financial habits. Whenever the couple argues, the wrongs from the past fly like arrows, piercing and painful. If this is you, then you need to work out the pain from the past with an impartial professional if you ever hope to have a future together.

You Are Thinking About Having an Affair, Or Already Had One

If you and your partner have had a dry spell and intimacy is a thing of the past, call a relationship therapist before engaging in outside sexual relationships. Having an affair will not solve the problems in your relationship. In fact, problems in your relationship will follow you into each new relationship while hurting your partner immensely. Even thinking about having an affair is a clear sign that it’s time to call a counselor now. Sex therapy with a professional may help heal the hurt.

Your Partner Wants Couples Therapy

If your partner has asked for you to see a therapist together, consider it a sign that you need to call a counselor. Your partner might want to repair problems in the relationship. Sometimes big events like the birth of a child, a death in the family, or a job loss can cause strain in a relationship. Your partner is suggesting counseling because they value your relationship and want to work through the difficulties.

Learn how to grow together through your relationship with counseling. Commit to each other and take the time to mend the brokenness. Call us today.