Sex Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Sex therapy for erectile dysfunction is very common, with many men experiencing performance anxiety or erectile difficulties to some degree at some point in their lives. Sex therapy is the process by which individuals or couples utilize the services of a certified sex therapist in an effort to overcome their challenges, gain confidence and achieve a more fulfilling sex life. Seeking therapy for any sexually related problem is helpful for all people, whether they are single, in a new relationship or have been married for decades.

Often, people may be nervous about opening up to a stranger and discussing their sex lives, problems or fears. However, if your sex life is suffering because of performance anxiety or another dysfunction, the best thing that you can do for yourself and partner is to seek help from a professional sex therapist.

Sex is an important part of people’s lives and because of this, suffering from erectile dysfunction can have a seriously negative impact. Often, people may see themselves as weak, undesirable or even broken in some sense. Unfortunately, shame and distress are often common feelings for those that suffer from sexual challenges.

The good news is that there is help.

Why Choose Sex Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction in Toronto?

A sex therapist can help you identify the thought patterns that trigger anxiety, guide you in opening up and sharing your fears with your partner and help you work through it.

Sex therapists can often uncover underlying causes that fuel erectile difficulties such as anxiety, trauma, relationship concerns, or unrealistic expectations. In many cases, erectile dysfunction can be treated without medication or sex therapy can be combined with medical interventions.

Speaking with a sex therapist can also guide you into letting go of anxiety, perfectionism, and self-doubt. Therapy sessions will help individuals learn how to manage expectations and let go of paralyzing thoughts and beliefs, which can be an underlying factor for those that suffer from performance anxiety. Learning how to guide your thought process and gaining an understanding of how factors such as diet, sleep, health and hormones can affect erectile strength is key. Shedding unrealistic expectations and being present is progress and one of the major steps in healing.

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