Sex Therapy for Low Desire

Sex Therapy for Low Desire torontoHaving low desire or low libido is not a simple problem that can be instantly fixed with a pill or cream. While some medical treatments are successful when there is an underlying physical cause that is responsible for low desire, often it is more complicated. Depression, type 2 diabetes, low testosterone and several other medical conditions can all contribute to low sex drive. It is important to be tested and treated for these conditions and seeking sex therapy can help individuals regain their sexual desire. Even if part of your low libido or low desire is caused by a medical condition, it may cause tension in the relationship and alter your mood and confidence. If your low desire is physiological, sex therapy can help you uncover what emotional reasons are contributing to the issue and help treat it.

Low desire can be caused by a number of factors including fatigue, stress, anxiety, relationship conflict, limited sexual education, dissatisfaction with sex life with partner, body image concerns, religious or cultural beliefts, or difficulties being erotically focused.

In relationships, when one partner suffers from low desire, it can cause the other to feel self-conscious, rejected, or responsible based on their behaviour. Attending sex therapy sessions together can help couples understand why their partner is suffering from low desire. Sex therapy helps couples communicate better with each other and strengthen their sexual relationship. Often in long-term relationships, low desire can arise and partners can feel like they have lost their sexual connection or are just ‘going through the motions.’ A sex therapist can help individuals recognize that their brain requires stimulation and can recommend strategies and techniques for people to try at home to boost their sex drive.

When to Seek Sex Therapy for Low Desire

If you suffer from low desire, you can seek sex therapy on your own or as a couple. However you feel comfortable opening up and seeking help is the first important step. Your sessions will begin with a thorough assessment by your sex therapist to help you uncover what your roadblocks are to sexual desire. Sex therapy provides a safe, supportive environment for people to openly discuss sexual concerns that they may have. Sex therapists use a variety of therapeutic techniques and exercises that are designed to enrich and restore sexuality.

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