Sex Therapy for Desire Discrepancy

A common issue in couples therapy is a mismatch of libido, known as desire discrepancy. When two individuals in a relationship are not in agreement over how often to have sex, when to have sex, or how to have sex, it can be difficult to reach a satisfactory compromise. For example, if one partner has a high libido and enjoys role playing during intercourse and the other prefers a no-frills quickie once a month, it can cause tension in the relationship.

Couples experiencing desire discrepancy are in committed relationships and want to make a loving, future life together. If desire discrepancy is not dealt with, it can often cause major rifts within a relationship as one partner usually feels pressured and the other feels deprived or rejected.

There are a number of different factors which may contribute to desire discrepancy, including:

  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Hormone fluctuation
  • Relationship conflict
  • Side effects from medication
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Self-Esteem
  • Body image issues
  • Chronic illness
  • Religious or cultural beliefs
  • Pregnancy or childbirth

Sex Therapy for Desire Discrepancy in Toronto

If desire discrepancy is affecting your relationship, sex therapy can help. A sex therapist can help you and your partner become more sexually in sync with each other and mutually satisfied with your sex life.

While it can be normal to feel nervous about attending sex therapy, it is often the best step that you can take to deal with desire discrepancy. In order to overcome differences in sexual desire, couples need to communicate their needs and wants, while being honest with each other. It is essential to address what each partner needs in terms of sexual, physical, and emotional intimacy.

Sex therapy for desire discrepancy coaches couples on how to accept and work with their differences, how to understand the difference between responsive and spontaneous desire, learn more about each other’s personality types and provide suggestions for how couples can talk to each other about sex.

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