5 Ways To Show Your Partner How Much You Love Them

5 ways to show your partner how much you love themYou love your partner, but are they aware of this fact? The truth is that while we intimately know our feelings, our partners might not know what’s going on inside of our heads and our hearts. It’s important, then to show your partner you love them.

Write a note

Who doesn’t appreciate a love letter? It doesn’t have to be an epic poem or a novel. A simple note will suffice. But having physical, written proof that you love your partner can go a long way. If you’re not sure where to start, think about something that they did during the day and write to show you were aware of it. Maybe they replaced your favourite cereal after noticing it was running low. Maybe they made sure your work clothes were properly hung up after laundry. Simple observations need to be communicated.

While it can seem easy enough to just send a text message, go one step further. Write a little note for them. Put a post-it on the bathroom mirror. Include a note in their lunch. It’s the little things that really mean a lot.

Be interested in their hobbies

Couples do not have to like the same interests. In fact, it’s important to have your own hobbies to maintain your appreciation of self. But that doesn’t mean you should live separate lives. If your partner is into hockey, but you aren’t read the sports headlines every now and then so you can add to the conversation. It will show your partner that you are aware of their interests and want to take the time to be a part of them.

Surprise your partner

It’s always nice to arrive home to fresh flowers but take it to the next level. What is your partner’s favourite flower? Or, what’s a plant that they’ve always wanted to have. Or, maybe you were at the mall and noticed a pair of socks they would really like. Surprises don’t have to be grand gestures. Instead, they just need to convey the fact that you were thinking of them while out on your own.

Play their favourite music

If you have a speaker system in your house, put on a band that your partner really likes. The fact that you know what type of music they are into, without having to ask them, shows how much you know them. When you make the effort to demonstrate that you pay attention to your partner, it shows that you truly care about them.

Carve out together time

We’re all busy and this can get in the way of much-needed couple time. Make the effort to finish the bathroom renovation quickly so that you can spend more time together. Finish work on time and get home for dinner together. Show your partner you love them by doing what you can to spend more time with them.

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