4 Reasons You’ll Want To Schedule A Date Night

4 reasons you'll want to schedule a date nightWhile date nights are the foundation of the beginning of a relationship, once you live together, they can start to see unnecessary. If you see each other every night, then why bother to go out anywhere. And, if you have kids, it can just seem too exhausting. But the development of these thoughts is exactly why you’ll want to schedule a date night. Commit to recommitting your relationship. Step outside your comfort zone and have fun.

Break the routine

It’s Thursday night. You’ve just watched your favorite show, scrolled on your phone a bit, and said good night to your partner. You technically were with them the whole night, but did you really realize they were there? When we fall into habits it becomes far too easy to just go through the motions without thinking about anything.

A date night gets you out of the routine. It forces you to go out and notice that there is someone next to you.

Try something new

While you’re out, try something new. Get adventurous and step out of your comfort zone. If you’re going to have a date night, you might as well enjoy it. Make a list of restaurants that you’ve always want to eat at and work your way through that list.

Date nights don’t have to be expensive, though. Pack a picnic and enjoy the setting sun. You can even make a date night into a date morning. Go for a day hike and enjoy the outdoors. It doesn’t really matter as long as you get out.

New faces

If you’ve been having success with date night and want to try something different, why not a double date? Get together with that couple you’ve been meaning to see. Adding a new face can open up the conversation and bring people out of their shells. If you and your friends all have children, a double date is a great way to reconnect without the trappings of children. You can have a nice meal, not have to talk over someone, and just get to be adults again.

Falling in love again

The best part about date night is that you get to fall in love with your partner all over again. The beginning of any relationship is usually a series of dates where you get to know the other person. And the more you know about them, the more it turns into deep feelings.

Over time, you and your partner can become so comfortable with each other you might forget those butterfly feelings you once felt for each other. So reconnect and re-experience those emotions. It will leave you with a deeper understanding of just how special you are to each other.

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