4 Ways To Transition Into A Sexier Mood

You’ve come home from work. Made dinner. Washed the dishes. Put the kids to bed if you have kids. Tidied up. You finally have some down time. So, you put on your pajamas and curl up on the couch to watch TV or read. And your partner is right there next to you. Is something missing? Perhaps some much needed intimate time? You know you want to get to that point, but how do you transition into a sexier mood?


Good old communication is the cornerstone to any relationship, especially when it pertains to the bedroom. Just because you’ve put on your pajamas, doesn’t mean you don’t want to have sex. But your partner doesn’t know that. And if they’re already settled on the couch, how are you to know they’re actually thinking about something else?

Start with telling your partner you would like to be intimate more. Vocalizing this fact can help. Not only does it let your partner know what your hopeful expectations are, but it also confirms for you what you would like to happen.

Get dressed

Sexy underwear can makes us feel sexy. It doesn’t have to be uncomfortable either. In fact, if you’re not keen on wearing your current sexy underclothes or don’t own any, perhaps it’s time to go on a shopping trip. Find something that makes you feel sexy. Not necessarily something you think your partner will find sexy. Comfort can lead to confidence, which in turn can create a sexier mood.

If you can, wear your sexy underclothes earlier in the day. A little secret can go a long way and the anticipation of something can be a turn on.

Make time

Just as regular date nights help to strengthen a relationship, time set aside for the bedroom can create more intimate times. If you’re struggling in transitioning into a sexier mood, having a pre-determined time might help by building positive anticipation.

If you’re always feeling like you’ll just watch one more episode or complete one more chore, before you know it, it’s bedtime and you’re too tired. But if you make the agreement that intimate time takes precedence, you’re more likely to engage in that act. The one more chore or episode can wait.

I love you

Let your partner know how much you love them prior to intimate moments. Foreplay isn’t just about what happens in the bedroom. It’s also about creating more intimate and flirtatious moments throughout the day. A simple text message, a few kinds words, and suddenly you’re reminded why you fell in love with that person in the first place.

The more you talk with your partner, the more at ease you will feel, and finding intimate times will become easier. Set the scene with your words, tell them you’re thinking about them, and let positive anticipation transition into a sexier mood.

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