3 Common Causes Of Low Sexual Desire In A Relationship

3 common causes of low sexual desire in a relationshipA very important aspect of a relationship is sexual desire. And if yours or your partner’s is starting to wane, it’s vital that you work to get things back on track. Here are three common causes of low sexual desire. And remember, if you are worried about your relationship, be sure to talk with a professional.


Are you up for a promotion, but need to really prove yourself at work to make it happen? Are you worried about meeting mortgage payments but not sure how to make it work? When your brain is busy worrying about other issues, it can be hard to calm it down and focus. Low sexual desire, especially when there have been minimal issues in the past, often has to do with not being able to compartmentalize what you are thinking about.

When you spend all day worrying about needs to happen to make things right, it can be hard to suddenly get in an intimate mood. This is especially the case if your partner doesn’t know what you’re thinking. You may have good intentions. By not talking about your problems, you’re saving them from having to also deal with them, but if your partner doesn’t understand, they can’t help. Often, simple communication can help minimize stress. It also allows your partner the chance to be patient and help you transition from a busy mind to a calm mind that is more interested in intimacy.

Repetitive behaviors

Perhaps after a long time together, you and your partner have discovered what works and what doesn’t in the bedroom. And maybe, as a result you’ve settled into a nice routine. However, just because something has been working for a long time doesn’t mean it can’t all of a sudden stop. Low sexual desire can often result because you know exactly what to expect. There’s no mystery. And while there’s a certain comfort in knowing what works and what doesn’t, it can get a little boring.

It may be time to experiment a bit. Again, communication is huge here. Just because something has stopped working for you, doesn’t mean it’s stopped working for the other person. And be sure to frame this conversation in a gentle manner so that nobody becomes offended. But, by working together to see if old activities work again, or by doing a bit of research, you can refresh your routine and maybe even improve it.

Physical Changes

If you can’t pinpoint an emotional reason for low sexual desire in your relationship, then there might be a physical reason. Hormones can become off-balance without us noticing, and this can easily decrease sexual desire. If you’ve been in an accident, or are recovering from an injury, low sexual desire can be a side effect.

If you are worried, be sure to talk with your doctor. It can be a hard subject to broach, but there is no shame. And the earlier you begin the conversation, the quicker you can work on increasing your sexual desire.

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